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Selected publications

  • Nuclear Disarmament: An Idiot’s Declaration – Universal Deterrence on the Road to a 'City of the World'in Catherine Maia et al., Nuclear weapons and international law: visions of a plural world (publication scheduled for 2021).
  • Protocole 14 : La lettre de cachet de la CEDH - L'Europe des juges en droits de l'Homme unie dans la diversité?, publié dans : NOMOS - Le attualità nel diritto, 3 / 2018 (www.nomos-leattualitaneldiritto.it).
  • China and Hollywood at WTO: Janus' faces of freedom, in: Paolo Farah (ed.), China's Influence on Non Trade Concerns in International Economic Law, Ashgate Publishing (English version), Law Press of China (Chinese Version) und CEDAM (Italian version), scheduled for spring 2016.
  • Commentary at the Preamble, art. 1 – 8 et 40 TRIPS (partially with Thomas Cottier), in: Concise International and European IP Law - TRIPS, Paris Convention, European Enforcement and Transfer of Technology, Kluwer, London 2014 (updated second edition).
  • Concurrences entre diversité culturelle et commerce international [Forms of competition between cultural diversity and international trade], in: Hélène Ruiz Fabri (ed.), Convention de l'UNESCO sur la diversité culturelle : Premier bilan et défis juridiques pour réaliser les objectifs dans les pays économiquement démunis, collection de l'Unité mixte de recherche de droit comparé de l'Université de Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne / CNRS (8103), Paris 2010.
  • 2010 Study on the implementation of the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions of 2005 for the European Parliament (tender procedure IP/B/CULT/IC/2009-057); see: www.diversitystudy.eu
  • 2008 Study on the Economic and Cultural Impact, Notably on Co-productions, of Territorialisation Clauses of State Aid Schemes for Films and Audiovisual Productions for the European Commission; see section “Archives” at www.diversitystudy.eu
  • Diversité culturelle et libre-échange à la lumière du cinéma – Réflexions critiques sur le droit naissant de la diversité culturelle sous les angles du droit du commerce international, de la concurrence et de la propriété intellectuelle [cultural diversity and free trade in the light of cinema from the perspective of culture, international trade, competition and intellectual property laws and policies], Bern 2008, 450 pages, publishers: Helbing Lichtenhahn (Basel), LDGD (Paris) and Bruylant (Brussels); series of international public law.
  • Teaching intellectual property, unfair competition and anti-trust law (with Thomas Cottier), in: Yo Takagi/Larry Allman/Mpazi A. Sinjela (editors), Teaching of Intellectual Property, Principles and Methods, Cambridge University 2008.
  • The “Rougemarine Dilemma”: how much Trust does a State Deserve when it Subsidises Cultural Goods and Services?, in: European University Institute, Max Weber Working Papers, Florence 2008, http://cadmus.eui.eu/handle/1814/9027
  • Intellectual Property Rights, Plant Genetic Resources, and Traditional Knowledge (chapter III) and Management and enforcement of IPRs and Traditional PGRs: Institutional Design (chapter VII), in: Thomas Cottier/Susette Biber-Klemm (editors), Rights to Plant Genetic Resources and Traditional Knowledge: Basic Issues and Perspectives, CABI, Wallingford 2006.
  • Die Partizipation bei der Aushandlung neuer völkerrechtlicher Bindungen: verfassungsrechtliche Grundlagen und Perspektiven [Participation in elaborating and negotiating new international agreements from the perspective of Swiss constitutional law] (with Thomas Cottier), in: Daniel Thürer/Jean-François Aubert/Jörg Paul Müller, Verfassungsrecht der Schweiz - Droit constitutionnel suisse [Swiss constitutional law], Schulthess, Zürich 2001, p.77–96.
  • Handlungsbedarf für Unternehmen: Das neue schweizerische Datenschutzgesetz [Swiss personal data protection law for corporations], in: Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftsrecht, 1994/2.

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