Our strength:

A unique combination of professional experience
in Swiss Law, European Law and International Law










Established since 2000 in Geneva, the Swiss law firm Germann Avocats advises individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), start up entrepreneurs as well as established Swiss and international corporations, State agencies and non-governmenal organizations on key aspects of private and public law, with a special focus on business and administrative law, contracts, data protection, unfair competition legislation, mergers and acquisitions, public procurement, migration law, family and succession law, bankruptcy, international trade regulation as well as mediation and litigation.

We offer our clients expert legal advice, support them in business negotiations, represent them in courts, and protect their interests in administrative proceedings.

Our strength is our commitment to find and implement solutions for the complex legal issues that individuals, SMEs, start ups, private and public organizations are facing on the Swiss, European and international levels.

We work closely with foreign law firms and focus on the effects of European Union law on companies operating in Switzerland and in the European Union.

Germann Avocats is offering to its clients:

  • Advice on a broad range of complex legal matters for individuals, companies, private and public entities, including non governmental organizations, at reasonable and transparent costs.
  • A unique combination of professional experience in Swiss law, European law and international law.
  • Know-how, efficient working methods, up-to-date information technology and a network of highly skilled lawyers and consultants in Switzerland, the European Union, the Americas and China.

Germann Avocats offers a responsive legal team with robust and diversified professional experience that covers

  • Swiss law: Public and private law, contracts, intellectual property (copyright, trade mark registration, patent, design, indications of origin), data protection, competition law and state aid, public procurement, corporate law, mergers and acquisitions for SMEs, media law, labour law advice and litigation, administrative procedures, compliance, migration law, family and succession law, bankruptcy law, mediation, arbitration and dispute settlement before State and arbitral courts.
  • European Union Law: dispute settlement before the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), data protection, intellectual property, licensing and franchising law, public procurement, competition and State aid legislation, media and cultural industries (in particular legal advice in the film, music and book publishing sectors), business and investment law, unfair competition law.
  • Private and public international law: human rights law (ECHR), international trade related intellectual property (WTO and WIPO), environmental law, licensing and technology transfer, advice on compliance of domestic law with applicable international law, investment law, mutual assistance in criminal law matters, international arbitration, multijuridictional surveys and determination of applicable law.